I’m not deep. I’m deep in a way that looks like the shallow end in a black pool in the dark. You can’t see the bottom and the water seems to reach on forever, but when you jump in the water barely reaches your knees. You are left looking down at things much lesser than you could be and much smaller than you thought they were. Now you are wet and dissatisfied. Just be thankful that you are not drowning.

Late night characters

Last night, I was thinking about characterization. I love it when a character is so detailed, but at the same time vague enough for the reader to decipher them. This is something that I struggle with. I know my character and when I write them I worry that my reader will misinterpret them so I pour more detail and more instruction into them. Sometimes getting so flat to the point where I’m essentially making an analysis of my own characters, which is just boring. You have to give your reader’s a certain control over your characters, because once they read them they are not entirely yours, at least thats what I think. I remember reading books as a kid, then watching the movies, and realizing that the main character was nothing how I had imagined them.

Its a joined effort. Authors make references to things that they hope their readers will understand and its like a divine communication has been made. With the right reader and the right circumstances that person will know exactly what the author meant, on the other hand they will miss it completely. Real people are hard to portray, especially if you lack the real people experience. Sometimes, I base my characters off of people I know. I take their quirks and personality, stuff it into a box and sprinkle it with their flaws, but only the ones that I care to use. It is a little hard to break from my personal perception of them and transform them to a unique yet seemingly real person.

At this point I have put too much thought into who my character is as a person and all the other characters seem to be one-sided, the only distinguishing feature of theirs is their relationship with the main character. I don’t mean to take us back to high school english, but it is not as simple as “they did not get along”. I am trying too hard. I write descriptions of each character, a backstory for each of them, even if it doesn’t make it in the story. Sometimes I fall in love with a character and I use them again and again changing who they are for every story. I have a bank of characters, many of them are just tropes to fill in a role that is empty, but it doesn’t really matter where you get them. If you take enough time to develop you characters then they belong wherever and however you put them.



Writing is a representation of the ideas people have in their heads. It one of the many and most prominent form of expression since written language was conceived. This blog is for writing. One day, I want to publish something. I write short stories for fun, but my goal is to publish at least one book. I know I’m not there yet, so I am here for practice. I may not be as concerned with the nuances of written word and it is not that I have an innovative style, however writing is the ability to convey an idea and not necessarily create it. Here I hope to share tips for those of us that sometimes can’t find the words, welcome to the writer’s block club.